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Businesses sometimes find their work requires the use of a large format, 208-240 volt printer, but don’t have a 208-240 outlet available.   A Quick 220® system will supply this voltage at up to 20 amperes, resulting in fast setup and overcoming electrical limitations of the work site.  Generally, a package based on the Quick 220® system A220-20D is chosen as the power source for these large print systems.

Before ordering, double check the following items to make sure you have the 110/120 volt outlets the Quick 220® System needs:

  • 2 different 110/120 volt outlets controlled by 2 different circuit breakers.
  • The circuit breakers need to be on different electrical phases.

The circuit breaker ratings:

  • Both circuit breakers must be marked “20” amperes if the printer is rated between 12 and 16 amperes.
  • One or both can be marked “15” amperes if the printer is rated at less than 12 amperes.
  • The outlets cannot be controlled by a GFI(GFCI) or an AFCI.
  • (Please see “Electricity for the Non-electrical” for an explanation of the terms.)

If the printer has a 6-15 plug, order the Quick 220® A220-15D or A220-20D.
If the printer has a 6-20 plug, order the Quick 220® A220-20D or one of the options of the A220-20D with extension cords to reach the 110/120 volt outlets.

The printer illustrated is a HP Latex Printer.  Please contact one of the HP Large Printer dealers or a dealer of the specific type of printer for specific recommendations.  If you already have a 208-240 volt printer, please call us and we will be happy to assist.