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Quick 220® Voltage Converters

Diamond H Company LLC, doing business as Quick 220® Electrical Systems, was formed in Arizona in 1994 to develop the concepts embodied in the Quick 220® Voltage Converting Power Supply. The first model was made available to the public and sold in 1998. In 1999, United States Patent 5,977,658 was issued covering the safety circuit employed within the Quick 220® Power Supply.

Welcome to Quick 220® Systems

For all residents of North America, most of the electrical devices we use on a daily basis are designed to accept 120v from the electrical system in our homes without the use of a voltage converter. Though, if you've ever bought a heavy duty casement air-conditioner or a commercial-grade piece of equipment, you know that they need more power than a 120v outlet can provide.

The electric utility that supplies power in your neighborhood typically delivers power to your home at 240v. At the circuit breaker panel, the 240v is split into two 120v halves, known as phases, which share a common neutral wire. This is called a three-wire split-phase system, and it’s in nearly every house, even yours. From this split-phase system, one can have both 120v outlets for smaller devices or 240v to supply larger items. If you don't have an available 240v outlet installed though, this puts you in a tough spot when you need to run something on 240v.

You could hire an electrician to come out and install a 240v outlet, or you could purchase a transformer to act as a 120v to 240v voltage converter. But contractors can be a tremendous hassle, and a transformer is bulky, heavy, and limited to 2400 watts of power. To make things worse, they're can be incredibly expensive!

Isn't there an easier and cheaper way to combine the two phases back into one? There is! With a Quick 220® 120v to 240v voltage converter, you can create a convenient 240v outlet wherever you need. All you have to do is plug into each of the two phases in your home's electrical system. Our voltage converter does the rest. It even checks that the circuit is wired correctly first!

If you've ever needed a more convenient 240v outlet and don't want to or can't have one installed, the Quick 220®120v to 240v converter may be for you. Click the link and start browsing the different packages we offer.