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Floor finishing contractors often find themselves in a situation where they could use their 208-240 volt floor finishing equipment to fining the job in a shorter time, saving the customer down time and themselves labor, BUT THERE IS NO 208-240 VOLT OUTLET!!! The contractor is relegated to either putting up with a generator, waiting and paying for an electrician to install a temporary 208-240 volt circuit, or doing the job with much slower 120 volt sanders and grinders. A Quick 220® system will supply the 208-240 volts at up to 20 amperes, resulting in fast setup and overcoming electrical limitations of the work site. Generally, a package based on the Quick 220® system A220-20L is chosen as the power source for floor finishing equipment since the industry has typically standardized on locking plugs and outlets.

Before ordering, double check the following items to make sure you have the 110/120 volt outlets the Quick 220® System needs:

  • 2 different 110/120 volt outlets controlled by 2 different circuit breakers.
  • The circuit breakers need to be on different electrical phases.
  • The circuit breaker ratings:
  • Both circuit breakers must be marked “20” amperes if the equipment is rated between 12 and 16 amperes.
  • One or both can be marked “15” amperes if the equipment is rated at less than 12 amperes.
  • The outlets cannot be controlled by a GFI(GFCI) or an AFCI.
  • (Please see “Electricity for the Non-electrical” for an explanation of the terms.)

If the printer has a 6-15 plug, order the Quick 220® A220-15D or A220-20D.
If the printer has a 6-20 plug, order the Quick 220® A220-20D or one of the options of the A220-20D with extension cords to reach the 110/120 volt outlets.

The equipment shown is from Werkmaster. Please contact Werkmaster or a dealer of the specific type of equipment you wish to use. If you already have a 208-240 volt floor equipment, please call us and we will be happy to assist.