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Power intermediate sized, electric clothes dryers 208-240 volts using a Quick 220® System. The one obstacle many people encounter is “no 208/240 volt outlet.” The solution: Use the Quick 220® to get 208/240 volt from ordinary 110/120 volt outlets. Generally, the Quick 220® A220-15D or the Quick 220® A220-20D is the choice for these electric clothes dryers.

These clothes dryers will have an ampere draw of less than 12 amperes. The ampere ratings (A) are on the rating plate usually found inside the dryer door (see illustration). For these dryers, use model A220-15D. You will also need a special appliance cord (CORD104.) Call us at 800-347-0394 and we will help you.

Dryer Rating

Before ordering, double check the following items to make sure you have the 110/120 volt outlets the Quick 220® System needs:
  • 2 different 110/120 volt outlets controlled by 2 different circuit breakers.
  • The circuit breakers need to be on different electrical phases.
  • The circuit breaker ratings: Both circuit breakers must be marked “15” amperes or greater.
  • The outlets cannot be controlled by a GFI(GFCI) or an AFCI.
  • (Please see “Electricity for the Non-electrical” for an explanation of the terms.)
High capacity US and Canadian dryers, such as the larger models from GE, Maytag, Kenmore, Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung require 20 to 30 amperes, which is above the capacity of the household circuits available to the Quick 220® system. We cannot help with these models.